Should you store your Porsche for winter?

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Porsche SUV driving on a winter road

How to Store a Porsche 

There are many drivers who prefer to store their luxury vehicles during the harsh winter months.  And there are many Porsche owners who store their vehicles in the winter instead of driving them.  If you would like to as well, then here’s how to store a Porsche for the winter. 

2021 Porsche 911 Targa 4 Jet Black MetallicWhy should I store my vehicle? 

Many people store their luxury vehicles during the winter in order to protect it from the harsh weather and the elements.  Plus, with the bad weather that winter brings, the potential for an accident or collision increases.  And for luxury models, it is almost a requirement to switch to winter tires, which many drivers don’t like doing. 

Do I have to store my Porsche? 

Not necessarily, while many drivers prefer to store their Porsche model for the winter, there are still plenty of drivers who switch to winter tires and drive all year-round.  Of course, given the unpredictability of winter and the risk of an accident, many drivers don’t want to risk their Porsche and will instead store it in their garage or at a storage facility. 

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Checklist for Storing Your Porsche 

  • Clean your garage and get it ready to store your car. 
    • Pro Tip: place poly sheeting on the floor to protect the undercarriage. 
  • Thoroughly clean your Porsche inside and out, including the wheels. 
    • Pro Tip: rub a coat of petroleum jelly on the wheels for protection, remember to clean it off in the Spring. 
  • Condition the rubber and plastic exterior items for protection. 
  • Change the oil and oil filter. 
  • Top off the different fluids, use proper anti-freeze. 
  • Water-cooled cars need about 50% strength coolant. 
  • Double check the tire pressure and over-inflate by about 8 to 10 psi. 
  • Fill the gas tank with premium gas to prevent condensation and reduce airspace. 
  • Porsche recommends placing carpet squares under the tires. 
  • Porsche recommends using SEAFOAM and STA-BIL for the fuel additive/stabilizer. 
  • Close all air vents and place supplies to repel rodents. 
  • Cover the exhaust pipe. 
  • Keep out moisture by placing desiccant silica gel packs in your Porsche. 
  • Don’t use the parking brake, use wood or wheel chalk to block the wheels. 
  • Connect the battery to a battery maintainer on pulse maintaining mode so it can charge via the cigarette lighter. 
  • Place something (cloth, cardboard, etc.) between the wiper blades and windshield. 
  • Roll the windows down by about 10mm to relieve pressure and prevent condensation. 
  • Put a container of baking soda on the vehicle floor to keep your Porsche smelling fresh. 
  • Use a good car cover – an outside one for outside storage and an indoor one for indoor storage. 
  • Only start it again when it is time to take it out of storage in the spring. 

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