Do I Need Winter Tires for My Porsche vehicle?

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Winter Tires for Porsche vehicle 

Do I need winter tires for my Porsche vehicle? With the harsh winter weather, you will want to make sure your vehicle is as safe and enjoyable to drive as possible. For over 25 years, Michelin has worked with Porsche to guarantee that Porsche models have excellent traction and manage various road conditions. Read this article from Porsche of Delaware to find out if you need winter tires for your Porsche vehicle. Then come see our new Porsche inventory in Newark, DE.  

Does my Porsche need winter tires?  

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Summer tire tread patterns are not designed to displace winter snow or slush properly. And the compound is too hard for temperatures approaching 32° Fahrenheit (0° C). It is like the difference between wearing dress shoes and cleats. Whether you have rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive, the combination of all that horsepower, modern traction-control technology, and winter tires puts your Porsche in a class of its own in the winter. Porsches of all models provide excellent handling in adverse weather. Your Porsche’s traction control system transforms your ordinarily fast-and-fun vehicle into a slower-but-safe commute in the winter.  

Where to get Porsche winter tires in Delaware?  

When it comes to tire servicing for your Porsche vehicle, get over to Porsche of Delaware! Our Porsche repair center’s dependable professionals will ensure that your car is well-equipped to handle the winter season. You can also go through our online tire center and select the right winter tires for your Porsche vehicle. Please do not hesitate to contact our brand specialists in Newark, DE, if you have any concerns about selecting the correct winter tires for your Porsche model.   

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