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How to check the tire pressure in your Porsche

Monday, June 29th, 2020
man checking tire pressure in a car

Porsche drivers know they need to take the extra step to ensure their cars are in tip-top condition. With such a prominent name, a Porsche comes with a lot of responsibilities. One of those is ensuring the tire pressure is correct. Racking up miles in a performance vehicle while driving in more extreme hot or cold temperatures can cause fluctuations in tire pressure, which can lead to uneven tire wear and reduced performance. Take a look at the short video here on our blog to see how to check the tire pressure in your Porsche! (more…)

2020 Porsche 911 interior amenities

Thursday, June 25th, 2020
2020 Porsche 911 exterior profile

Interior features in the 2020 Porsche 911

If you’re looking for a luxurious and sporty car, Porsche should be the name that’s at the top of your list. For years, Porsche has stood atop the automotive world as one of the most coveted car brands available. The 911 is a timeless classic that continues to be a popular model, and as the flagship model for Porsche, you better believe it has all the best features you look for in a car. Take a look at all the interior features in the 2020 Porsche 911! (more…)

Ways to Celebrate Independence Day at Home

Thursday, June 18th, 2020
Father mother and daughter holding American flag running up hill

2020 Fourth of July Celebration Ideas

Are you wondering how you and your family can make the most of the Fourth of July while celebrating at home? Many firework displays and Independence Day celebrations have been cancelled because of COVID-19, which leaves many people celebrating their Fourth of July at home. But doing so doesn’t have to be a drag. We have a few ideas for how you can make your 2020 Independence Day one for the books!


What kind of convenience features are in the 2020 Porsche 718 Cayman?

Monday, June 1st, 2020
2020 Porsche 718 Cayman

Comfort and Convenience in the 2020 Porsche 718 Cayman

Porsche is known for combining luxury with performance seamlessly in its vehicles and the 2020 Porsche 718 Cayman is no exception. This sports car boasts an athletic exterior design, an upscale interior with intuitive technology and a host of amenities that you’re sure to love. Let’s dive into the comfort and convenience features of the 2020 Porsche 718 Cayman below!