Importance of Regular Vehicle Maintenance

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How often should I schedule a vehicle service?

Regular vehicle servicing is vital for the long-term life of your vehicle. Proper servicing determines the life of nearly all the mechanical components of your vehicle. But how often do you need to take your vehicle for servicing? At Porsche of Delaware in Newark, DE, we have details on when and why you should take your vehicle to a service center. Keep reading for more information.

Need for Vehicle Servicing

Regular vehicle servicing ensures that your vehicle will last for a long time without causing much trouble in mechanical repairs. Also, if you ever have plans to sell your vehicle, having a fitness record will help your vehicle’s credibility and attract potential buyers quickly.

Checking your coolant levels, brake fluids, power steering system, engine oil, intrinsic engine components like spark plugs, chains, driving belts, air or fluid filters, and tires promptly will ensure that you can avoid unnecessary trips to repair shops and prevent the sudden breakdown of your vehicle due to overheating and wear and tear of vehicle components.  

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Warning Indicators for Vehicle Servicing

Ideally, you should schedule a vehicle service depending on the timeline specified in the manufacturer’s manual. At least every 12 months, if you get all the mechanical parts of your vehicle checked for its functioning, that would signify a healthy relationship between you and your vehicle. Here are some of the warning signs that your vehicle gives for you to look out for.

Squeaking noise: Any squeak or scraping sounds when braking. It is advised to check the brake pads or rotor for what is causing the sound.

Stalling while starting: Any difficulty in starting the vehicle indicates that there is an engine issue; better get it checked before it’s too late.

Bad Mileage and Performance: If your vehicle is not giving you the mileage it used to, you should get the fuel injectors checked for debris. Bad performance means you need an engine refinement or oil change to rev it up.

Vibration: Excessive vibration may be caused by defects or changes in the alignment of the vehicle tires.

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Get Detailed Vehicle Service from Porsche of Delaware

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