Where Can I Get Genuine Oil and Filter Change Service in Newark, DE

By Product Expert | Posted in Porsche Service on Thursday, April 14th, 2022 at 7:21 am
Mechanic checking for engine oil

Genuine Oil and Filter Change Service in Newark, DE 

Oil and filters play a significant role in an engine’s overall efficiency. If it is dirty or damaged, your engine performance can be severely impacted. One way to save your engine’s health is to know where you can get genuine oil and filter change service in Newark, DE, without spending extra money. Keep reading this Porsche Delaware blog post to find out!

How Often Should Oil and Filters be Changed? 

Mechanic changing the engine's oil

It is a common practice for car owners to change every 3,000 miles for oil and every 5,000 miles for filters. This is an important step to prolong the life of their car. The car’s engine needs oil to function properly. There are many ways to check the oil, but people should use the dipstick test. If there are any signs of metal on the stick, it is time for a new oil change. Sometimes this can be avoided if drivers check their oil every month or two and get rid of old oil with a proper disposal method like burning it or pouring it down the drain. 

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How Much Does It Cost to Replace Oil and Filters? 

There are many factors that go into figuring out how much it costs to replace oil and filters. These factors include the type of oil, the number of miles you drive per week, your driving style, and how much oil is in your vehicle. Please consult your vehicle’s manual or dial 302-273-4828 to learn about the cost of replacing oil and filters for your Porsche. 

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Schedule an Oil and Filter Change Service with Our Certified Technicians at Porsche of Delaware 

Porsche of Delaware provides oil and filter changes for its customers as part of our service. Our technicians are well-trained to perform the service efficiently while ensuring that your Porsche is in perfect condition afterward. You can schedule this service at any time during our hours of operation, and we offer a free pickup service if needed. Schedule your service online today! 

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