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How Does Porsche Traction Management Work? with image of PTM in a 2015 Porsche 911 Carrera 4S

How Does Porsche Traction Management Work? 

Porsche is known for their exhilarating performance and incredible handling.  This is thanks to a number of intelligent systems and complex engineering, with one of the most popular aspects being the sporty all-wheel drive system.  And to optimize this, the models come with Porsche Traction Management.  But, how does Porsche Traction Management work? 

Porsche Traction Management system from a 2015 Porsche 911 TurboThe Porsche Traction Management (PTM) is one of the most powerful propulsion systems in the world and is specifically tuned to the vehicle it is equipped in.  The goal of the system is to provide enhanced driving dynamics, improved driving safety, increased traction and an overall sportier experience. 

A major characteristic of PTM is that it stands out from other traction systems as it works with Porsche-developed all-wheel drive systems.  PTM quickly distributes drive torque between front and rear axles actively.  And with its permanent monitoring of the driving status, PTM can even be actively pre-set to respond to various conditions and scenarios.  The system has sensors that can continuously monitor the speeds of each wheel, the longitudinal and lateral acceleration, and the steering angle at the same time.  Plus, it works with all of the driving dynamics systems that a Porsche model features—complementing each other to achieve more efficient driving and benefit the driver overall.

Depending on the situation, the system can change the axle load to allow the tires to have varying degrees of force.  And the self-steering properties can be affected by the longitudinal distribution of drive torque so that the different forces are transmitting accordingly and maintain vehicle stability.  In fact, the other system that PTM works with the most is the Porsche Stability Management. 

The latest generation of Porsche Traction Management is available on the 911 Carrera 4, 911 Targa 4, 911 Turbo, CayenneMacan and most Panamera models. 

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