The choices you make at the pump can affect a lot

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Does Porsche require premium gasoline? 

A Porsche without gas in the tank is like a wallet without money, sure it will hold some stuff, but you’d rather use it as is intended to be used. All jokes aside, the kind of gasoline that a Porsche owner uses to power their vehicle can have a direct effect on overall performance and fuel economy scores. So, does Porsche require premium gasoline? That will depend on a few factors like which model you own and which model year it falls under. A Porsche owner should refer to their owner’s manual to find out exactly what is required of the fuel versus what is recommended. Some Porsche Delaware product experts put together this handy guide to answer a few important questions. 

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Regular Gas vs. Mid-Grade Gas vs. Premium Grade Gas 

There are three primary grades of gasoline distributed in the United States, Regular, Mid and Premium. The chief difference among them is the amount of octane that each one contains. Regular-grade fuel will have an octane rating between 85 and 87; mid-grade will fall between 88 and 90; and, premium will offer an octane rating of 91-93.  

High output or high-performance engines, like the ones used by Porsche engines have a high-compression ratio. This is one of the factors that leads to the amount of power it will produce. An engine that is designed to run on premium, but has its tank filled with a lower grade may experience engine knocking. Basically, engine knocking is caused by small pockets of air and fuel exploding outside of the usual combustion process. In the long term, this can lead to costly repairs or an engine that simply quits before it should. 

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What happens if I use the wrong fuel? 

Mistakes do happen and it doesn’t mean the world is coming to an end. If someone fills up their tank with regular when they’re supposed to use premium, the car might be a little sluggish and fuel economy might drop a bit. However, once the proper fuel is replaced, there likelihood of lasting damage is low. 

If you would like to learn more about how to get the most from your Porsche vehicle, make an appointment to speak with a Porsche Delaware product expert today. 

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